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CPT And Typing English And Hindi


Aspirants who clear the SSC CSL Tier-II Examination get selected for the Tier – IV Examination. The mighty exams (CPT and DEST) are conducted in the Tier – IV.

SSC CGL Tier-IV Examination: CPT & DEST details

Computer Proficiency Test (CPT):

CPT exam consists of three segments; Spreadsheet, Word Processing and Generation of Slides.

Spreadsheet: This segment/section covers all the basic Math questions like Division, Multiplication, Subtraction, and Addition on the Excel Sheet. All the aspirants are required to have the basic knowledge of Excel.

Word Processing: In this section, typing ability is checked by giving key depression (usually 2000) to the aspirants. Maximum time given for this test is 15 Minutes.

Slides Generation: This section covers the basic computer knowledge and a Power Point test. Aspirants get opportunity to show their MS. power point skill.

Data Entry Speed Test (DEST)

DEST or Data Entry Speed Test measures an individual’s typing speed and the accuracy of the data being typed into the computer.  It is measured in key depressions (minimum 2000) and all the aspirants get fifteen minutes to complete the same.

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